Cacao Ceremony for Healing


Come experience the amazing healing and therapeutic properties of ceremonial Cacao. Rev. Dr. Natalie Vail and Amy Thornton L.Ac, are facilitating a group healing session using 100% natural Cacao sourced directly from Guatemala where they both learned about Cacao Ceremonies from the world famous "Chocolate Shaman" (

The Mayans and Aztecs drank cacao regularly for spiritual purposes and they did this by roasting and grounding cacao beans from the Theobroma Cacao Tree, whose botanical name literally means “food of the gods”

Chocolate allows us to open up to abundant flow of love in the universe as well as connect to "source energy". It takes you deep into your heart to heal old emotional wounds & pain.

Cacao is a very safe, non-hallucinogenic substance (its just Chocolate). Our Spiritual intention by using it is to elicit a physical response from your body which produces an emotional release. If you wish to stay safe in your rational mind, then you will just feel like you've had about 4 shots of espresso (but without the jitters). Cacao can't force you to do or feel anything, but if you are open to it, then it can help you address your "stuff" so healing can occur.

- COST: $40/person to be paid by cash or check at the start of the event
- limited availability so please RSVP by 1/26/17 to reserve your spot. Email Amy at with your full name and email address.

- Wear comfortable clothing, bring something to sit on, and a bottle of water.
- the morning of, please eat a very light breakfast without any caffeine (no Coffee or Tea)
- Attendance is not advised for people currently taking MAOIs or who have a serious heart condition
  • Inner Spark : Acupuncture and Wellness
    4002 Park Blvd, Ste E, San Diego
  • Saturday Jan 28
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