The Gym Formerly: World Gym

100% love it
A place to pump
Free weights and cardio machines: what more do you really need in a gym? Passes available on day, week, month or yearly scales!
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    • texbearjoe
      texbearjoe Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Hardcore and World Class
      There are a handful of gyms where when you go that you disappear into the world of bodybuilding and become part of the scene, in an almost mystic way. Quads Chicago, Gold's Venice - and World San Diego. If you want to be inspired by the big boys - name a dozen guys from the muscle mags - they'll be here. Cavernous, very well equipped, this gym has everything you could want for a simple, complex, or serious hardcore workout, cardio included. It's very no-nonsense, and the grim locker room is probably part of the design (complete to the suspiciously grimy-looking carpet). But the men - freaky, monstrous, house-sized, whatever you want to say, this is very much where they appear in their ripped-collar shirts, baggy pants, calves like cantaloupes, shoulders like cocoanuts, and asses like VW's. Worth a special visit. Not gay, but very much a gay presence.