Benefit 333



Reach out & join us for this amazing Silent Auction / Live Music Fundraiser!

"333" is our Host, Robert's Angel number. He sees this number nearly daily. When seen, it reminds him to be thankful for the abundant life he leads and for the Angels that surround him in both physical as well as in Spirit form. We both consider you all our Angels and are very thankful to have you in our lives. You are wonderful teaching messengers that we care for deeply as well as amazing friends that we cherish.

"Benefit 333" gives us all the opportunity to be Angels ourselves, as 100% of the funds raised will be divided 33.3% to 3 wonderful organizations:

Special Delivery San Diego

The Uatsi Foundation

Bali Kids Orphanage

Please say you will join us! Your suggested participant donation of $20 will help each of these orgranizations more than you know!

Thank you - we look forward to seeing you all on March 3rd.

***NOTE: please access the official eVite via the link provided:


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