MOMMIE DEAREST - FilmOut Monthly Screening



Director: Frank Perry

Description: Back by popular demand! It’s been over two years since we first screened this film and after numerous requests, we have brought it back to FilmOut! When her adoptive mother Joan Crawford died in 1977, erstwhile actress/author Christina Crawford and her brother Christopher were left out of Joan Crawford's will, "for reasons which are well known to them." Industryites have suggested that it may have been this posthumous act of rejection rather than an alleged lifetime of parental abuse that inspired Christina Crawford to pen her scathing autobiography Mommie Dearest. This outrageous campfest film version of this tome was evidently meant to be taken seriously, but the operatic direction by Frank Perry and the over-the-top portrayal of Joan Crawford by Faye Dunaway (whose makeup & performance is remarkable) has always seemed to inspire loud laughter whenever and wherever the film is shown.

With Diana Scarwid, Rutanya Alda and Mara Hobel. Audience participation heavily encouraged!

Running Time: 128 minutes Rating: PG




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