San Onofre Beach

100% love it
Flip-flops and nothing else just outside of town
The guys you’ll find there: An odd assortment of hipster dudes, enlisted military guys on the down low, naked surfers, older men and guys of many ethnic backgrounds. What they’re wearing: For the majority, perhaps a hat or flip-flops but little else. But girding your loins is not frowned upon: Not everyone parades up and down the beach au naturel. But why waste an opportunity to swim naked? Directions Take the 5 south and either: 1. Exit at Basilone Rd and follow signs to San Onofre State Park. You''ll pass the San Onofre Nuclear Facility on your right. At the end of the road, you'll reach the park entrance. Pay the $15 entrance fee and drive along park road to the very last parking area. Follow trail from the last restroom down to the beach. Turn left at the beach, walk through the straight nude beach and past the fence that marks the boundary of Camp Pendleton. 2. Two miles past the Basilone Road exit, exit at the Scenic Overlook. You can park here for up to eight hours. Look for the path and follow it down directly to the gay beach.